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Class Information for Winter 2018: ASTRONOMY, Past, Present and Future, 3-6 pm, Thursdays, January 18, 25, February 1 and 8, RH Johnson Lecture Hall (8049)


Astronomy Course Description: The course begins with the basic science of astronomy and the evolution of telescopes to the discovery of the big bang creation of the universe, the life cycle of the stars and the sun to their death in supernovae and their remnants as white dwarfs and black holes. The course then reviews the solar system's formation, evolution, planets and structure and explores cosmic structure including galaxies, dark matter, dark energy and the expansion of space. The evolution of the universe and the discovery of extraterrestrial life will be final chapter of discussion. The class will be highly interactive and visual with images from space based and ground based telescopes and videos from NASA, ESA, and key science centers. Class instructor:Joseph Aibinder, M.S., is a Sun City Festival resident and Del Webb scholar who served as a Connecticut high school science teacher, a college advanced placement instructor, an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut, and as a NASA Endeavor Teaching Fellow and is also a member of the New Jersey Bar Association.

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