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Class Information for Spring 2018: PRINCIPLES OF NON-VIOLENCE 3-5 pm, Wednesday, May 23, Palm Ridge Recreation Center, Acacia Room. (9010)


This course will walk through the history of Nonviolence and its practical application in the modern world. we will begin with the father of modern Nonviolence, i.e., Gandhi. Gandhi took the practice of Nonviolence and turned it into not only a proper noun, but even more so a passionate verb. The practice of Nonviolence is not passive, but passionately active. The course will then examine Martin Luther King. Dr. King gives a Western and Christian application of Nonviolence. Nelson Mandela's use of Nonviolence was successful in overthrowing Apartheid and British colonialism. Malala gives a 21st Century and Muslim demonstration of Nonviolence in even the youngest of us

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